I want to see what's in there. Show me what's in your goddam wallet!!
  1. Here's inside mine
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    Yeah, so my wallet has a coin purse. I'm comfortable with it.
  2. Haha i love to fuck with MOMA
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    And feel self-important
  3. D'awwwwwww
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    My kittens
  4. Driver's license
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    Steve Jobs phase haircut
  5. ATM Cards
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    Feel free to use them. Pay it forward (literally and figuratively)!
  6. Insurance cards
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    Thanks, Obama
  7. Hi. What's in your wallet?
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    No, for real. I wanna see.
  8. Ticket to A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night
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    Great ticket, great movie, great theater!
    Suggested by @anu
  9. A lucky penny
    I always carry one with me ever since my grandfather gave me one to put on the dashboard of my first car. Makes me think of him (and gives me luck!)
    Suggested by @jamie