Be honest. It's okay if it was a strap-on dildo. 🍌
  1. I bought boxer-briefs!
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    Suggested by Baron Christopher Kubica
  2. Dog food: canned, dry, sweet potato treats and uncle ulrick's chicken treats..AKA crack for dogs
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    Suggested by @emilyrieger
  3. This book
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    I'm a survival-guide junkie. Mostly insights from MSF field workers and conflict journalists. So so so good.
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  4. A pump for a five-gallon spring water bottle.
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    Suggested by @Caissie
  5. Textbooks. Lots of em.
    Suggested by @Samuel
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    Suggested by @Samuel
  7. Underwear, which is a challenge now that most brands of briefs have gone over to general sizes (S, M, L) rather than numbered (32, 34).
    Suggested by @BillNovak
  8. Lil' Poo Potty Trainer
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    Don't worry, we have a toddler.
    Suggested by @TravisGates
  9. They're supposed to prevent thigh chafing when wearing dresses etc. They do not.
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    Suggested by @sky
  10. Stiletto switchblade
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    I have a thing for knives and, even though this one is guaranteed to be shitty, I still needed it for personal reasons.
    Suggested by @olive
  11. The last thing I purchased on Amazon is one of my college textbooks
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    Suggested by @Fatih
  12. Frog stairs.
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    Suggested by @bethany
  13. Fly traps and a camelbak
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    I had an unfortunate incident with a full garbage can and a weekend away in 90 degree heat.
    Suggested by @sarahcottentail
  14. 13 copies of the Icarus Deception
    School starts this week. First inquiry block: who we are
    Suggested by @ktenkely
  15. Digstown! Best movie & incredible cast.
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    Suggested by @WhelmedDad
  16. Two books. One on co-dependency that my therapist recommended and the other on creative blocks. Hahaha. *cries*
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    Suggested by @KelseyKapow
  17. Twsbi 700 vac fountain pen! A birthday gift to myself!
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    Suggested by @Deltagal2
  18. Boba balls
    Suggested by @elena_c_vt