As opposed to buying cheaper versions of that same thing that either don't work well, break easily or are just all-around displeasurable/inadequate to use. The goal is not materialism or bragging or status. The goal is to get something of high quality that you love and never again have to fix or replace while you walk this Earth.
  1. An umbrella
  2. A 100% wool blanket
  3. Sunglasses
  4. A leather couch
  5. Leather winter gloves
  6. Bookcases made of solid wood
  7. A leather briefcase
  8. Goose down pillows
  9. Adjustable lamps
  10. Down duvets
  11. Leather Gladstone bags
    Like Holden Caulfield has!
  12. Triple-weighted chess pieces
  13. A Vitamix blender
  14. Sake glasses
  15. An excellent office chair
    Mine is not currently excellent. Any suggestions?
  16. Picture-frames
  17. Headphones
  18. Coffee-making gear
  19. Cast-iron cookware
  20. Metal or real wood coat racks
  21. Kitchen knives
  22. Record players
    This isn't the best, but it is pretty amazing for being "portable"
  23. Tools
  24. Spectacles
  25. Mattress and shoes
    When you're not in one you're in the other
    Suggested by   @dcerruti
  26. Toothbrush. You use it (I hope) twice a day at least. Don't cheap out and use the dentist issued awfulness. Also good shampoo/conditioner for your hair type: 💯
    Suggested by   @ktenkely
  27. Quality luggage
    A brand good enough to have a lifetime warranty (like Hartmann or Tumi) definitely makes itself worth the cost over time - plus if you travel even semi regularly it makes life so much easier to have wheels that work properly, etc.
    Suggested by   @miranda
  28. Computers.
    Maybe just because I work all day on one but never ever buy a bargain PC.
    Suggested by   @gwcoffey
  29. Bed and car. Spend much of your lives in them.
    Suggested by   @bobbyhundreds
  30. Espresso maker
    Suggested by   @DebiPal
  31. Oil & Vinegar
    You wouldn't hesitate for a second to pay $30 for a bottle of decent wine that you drink before your appetizers are served. That same thirty bucks elevates every piece of lettuce you'll eat this fall. Don't be an asshole. Buy it!
    Suggested by   @bennyeggs
  32. Floss
    Non-name-brand floss gets stringy and stuck in your teeth!!
    Suggested by   @egruber91
  33. A contractor
    Suggested by   @erica