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  1. We were the Appleton High School West Terrors
    Where "terror" = wolf in an orange sweater
  2. Villa Walsh Academy Vikings
    Bougie-ass Catholic all-girls' school, with a mascot known mostly for... not that vibe at all.
    Suggested by   @ohheymary
  3. Blair Blazers.
    Apparently "blazer" meant "devil"? Unsurprisingly, pot smoking was a Big Thing at my high school.
    Suggested by   @Caitlin
  4. The Newburyport Clippers
    Clipper ships are cool and all but it's a lame mascot. One kid dressed up as a joke once but you can imagine how no one would really get into that.
    Suggested by   @ErinFlaherty
  5. The Mountain Brook Beemers
    Our unofficial mascot was the BMW. @caffrin @CaptainCarrigan @michaelsokol
    Suggested by   @mallofamanda
  6. Northwood High School, Wheaton, Maryland. During my tenure, we were the Indians. Now, they're the Gladiators.
    Suggested by   @THEToughCookie
  7. Sacred Heart Sharks
    This was our logo. Our mascot doesn't have a set logo. Just basically whatever the graphic designer at whatever tshirt company makes at the time. But we did call our mascot by name, Shamus. It's funny cause we abbreviated our school name as SHA. SHA. Shamus. Get it?
    Suggested by   @kristin
  8. The Tigers, meaning all of our uniforms were orange and black and it was very Halloween-y all the time.
    Suggested by   @mandi
  9. The Pomperaug Panthers
    Despite the terror-inducing mascot *most* of our teams were low ranking/otherwise not great.
    Suggested by   @linzamauve
  10. We were the Rebels. The mascot was removed and was just the word "Rebels" while I was there.
    This is kind of what it looked like? Except in green and gold.
    Suggested by   @e
  11. Poly Prep Blue Devils
    Yes, the devil does appear to be winking. The school has had several newsworthy scandals in recent years.
    Suggested by   @mlh
  12. Churchmouse
    It was given as an insult by our rival school, but for some reason was adopted as our actual mascot.
    Suggested by   @jackfreese
  13. Indians
    The fact that this mascot has remained unchanged since the school was founded is a testament to the fact that liberal political correctness apparently hasn't censored everything yet
    Suggested by   @dylan