What. I'm 42. I have a mind built in a pre-Internet world. I was alive when you rolled on the floor laughing out loud up hill both ways with your older brother in your backpack without shoes, BB.
  1. AMA: American Medical Association
  2. Bae: Scott Baio
  3. BB: BB guns
  4. Dafuq: Daiquiris
  5. DM: Dungeon Master
  6. FML: SNL
  7. Facepalm: A Facebook Palm Pilot
  8. Headdesk: My third grade school desk
  10. IDGAF: Iguanas
  11. IMHO: IHOP
  12. IRL: My great uncle Earl
  13. Lolz: Lolipops
  14. MIRL: My great uncle Merle
  15. NSFW: Nosferatu. Or MTWTF.
  16. SMH: MPH
  17. TL;DR: TMNT. Or I just get an image of a door in my head. Or a doctor.
  18. YMMV: The DMV. Or Yugoslavia. Or the Yugoslavian DMV.
  19. YOLO: Frozen yogurt
  20. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I see a happy little pumpkin in a clothes basket