1. It will be even better than @list Beta:
  2. Jonathan Franzen will finally find a type of social media he enjoys using
  3. Neal deGrasse Tyson will list about the universe and blow all of our minds several times a day
  4. KFC will list its secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices
  5. Taylor Swift will list draft song lyrics for us to vote on
  6. Obama will list the nuclear launch codes
  7. There will be even more Star Wars lists but written by Harrison fucking Ford
  8. The FBI will move its "MOST WANTED" criminals to a List App list
  9. People will all stop using the Facebook
  10. Apple will maintain an organic, running list of all the technology industries it will disrupt next
  11. You will be able to one-click® order products from amazon right from within a list
  12. Whenever you use the forthcoming taco emoji in a list, you will receive a taco
  13. The Pope will create a list each morning of the sins that he (and God) will look the other way on for that day only
  14. The U. S. Government will start keeping track of the national debt in list format
  15. Lists will become a new Pulitzer Prize category
  16. The State of the Union address will be first drafted as a list
  17. The generation after Millennials will be known as "Listapponauts"
  18. We will discover a new planet and it will be dubbed "Listappanus"
  19. "Relist" will be named The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year
  20. "List App blue" will be selected as the PANTONE Color of the Year
  21. List App will win the Academy Award for Best Listing Application
  22. "The List Apper" will be named TIME Magazine Person of the Year
  23. 2016 will be the Chinese Year of the List
  24. A new religion called Listianity will spread quickly all around the world
  25. The most popular baby name will be "List"