1. Where my son is off playing with the neighbor kids on a brisk, Fall day
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  2. And I hear them laughing and shouting
  3. And then I hear them talking about how one of them dies somehow in their game
  4. And then another kid dies
  5. And then they all die (there was an explosion, apparently. (Or perhaps young Fortinbras has just arrived))
  6. And then, somehow, they are all alive again
  7. And sound so light and cheerful
  8. And for a moment
  9. I think about the world
  10. About terrorism and sickness and mortality
  11. —Almost all the leaves are down now—
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  12. And I think about how to teach him about death
  13. And about how "Game Over" really means game over
  14. And that quarters cannot bring you back to life
  15. —Soon it will be quite cold—
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  16. But then I think, naaaaaaaaah
  17. Let him play
  18. Let him pretend to die 10,000 times
  19. And,
  20. For as long as he can,
  21. Be
  22. Immortal
  23. 🍂🍁