I mean super specifically. With a picture.
  1. I am seated in a rocking chair that I built from a kit on the back porch of my rented house in Carrboro, North Carolina, USA, planet Earth.
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  2. A UPS store in Vernon Ca! Getting papers notarized. Fun stuff!
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    Suggested by @T
  3. On a train
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    Suggested by @Jed
  4. In the Last Man on Earth writers room!
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    Suggested by @Igor
  5. At a restaurant in Orleans on Cape Cod with three other Novaks . We're hoping to be seated soon.
    Suggested by @BillNovak
  6. Staring at the ceiling in Portland, not trying very hard to take a nap.
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    Suggested by @TheAnne
  7. Working the front desk in an empty office
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    Suggested by @Caitlin
  8. On your mind. And in a state of denial.
    Suggested by @olive
  9. On my deck at an altitude of 5280, in Colorado, watching this happen.
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    Suggested by @ktenkely
  10. In my bedroom. Working from home/masturbating
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    Suggested by @johnniehobbs