Inspired by @ListPrompts. (I'm a little scared to post this, but here goes nothing. Open to any and all constructive comments. I’m always learning!)
  1. I am a white man. I have white privilege.
  2. My white privilege means most things on a typical day are easier for me.
  3. My white privilege means when I travel for work, which I semi-regularly do, I don't have to think about whether my hotel room will be stocked with shampoo designed for hair of my texture.
  4. My white privilege means food products I enjoy will not be located in the "ethnic" section of a grocery store.
  5. My white privilege means the flesh-colored bandages I buy are probably the color of my own flesh.
  6. My white privilege means I am more likely to be judged trustworthy when I try to rent an apartment than people of color will be judged.
  7. My white privilege means I am less likely to be stopped by police or arrested by police or shot by police just by walking down the street than people of color will be stopped and arrested and shot.
  8. My white privilege means that my children (who go to public school) are taught the history, literature and science of the "cultural winners" and, as such, may learn things which de-emphasize the contributions and struggles of people of color.
  9. My white privilege means that, while majoring in theatre arts in undergraduate school, no less than twenty plays by William Shakespeare were deemed "classics" worth reading, studying and discussing, but only one play by August Wilson (one of only a few African-American playwrights to win a Pulitzer Prize) was.
  10. My white privilege means when I look upon my country's national currency, I will only see my own face.
  11. I didn't earn my white privilege.
  12. I don't deserve my white privilege.
  13. But I was born with it.
  14. Since then—and especially recently—I try to be mindful of my white privilege, continuously educate myself and do a lot of listening.
  15. When asked on Twitter recently: "What can I do [after finishing reading your book, Between the World and Me]?", author Ta-Nehisi Coates made the following reply:
  16. "Vote. Keep reading. Rinse. Repeat."
  17. Which is advice I will take.
  18. Vote.
  19. Keep reading.
  20. Rinse.
  21. Repeat.