Either characters in the play or people mentioned by characters in the play
  1. Yorick the jester
    Of old age, I presume
  2. King Fortinbras
    Slain in battle by King Hamlet
  3. King Hamlet
    Of a "leperous distilment" poured into his ear
  4. King Priam of Troy
    Killed in battle and then literally "minced" to pieces with a sword
  5. The Player King
    By poison poured in his ear. But he is only pretending to die in a play. Har har.
  6. Polonius
    Stabbed through a tapestry like the rat he is
  7. Ophelia
    Drowned herself
  8. Rosencrantz*
    Beheaded in England
  9. Guildenstern*
    Beheaded in England
  10. Laertes
    Stabbed with a poison sword
  11. Queen Gertrude
    Drinks poisoned wine
  12. King Claudius
    Forced to drink poisoned wine and stabbed with a poisoned sword
  13. Prince Hamlet
    Cut with a poisoned sword
  14. -
  15. *Rosencrantz dies first if you take what is implied in Tom Stoppard's play, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead, as canonical.