Last week, I blocked 20-30 people on this app. If you were blocked, you may use this list to find out why. If you can read this, feel free to share this list with someone I did block using this handy link: Why I Blocked You
  1. Over the past couple weeks, I've posted some lists that rubbed people the wrong way? I guess?
  2. (That's bound to happen when you speak publicly about things you truly think, feel and believe.)
  3. Like this list about why I dislike animated GIFs:
  4. And this one about The Olympics:
  5. And this one about my @list-writing process:
  6. And this, about how to woo me:
  7. I'm all for meaningful debate, constructive criticism and good-natured sarcasm. But instead of engaging me in mature, thoughtful debate, some listers decided instead to mock, discredit, insult, disparage and threaten me as well as call me names (both on and off the app).
  8. While I was away from the app for six months, I'd heard about the various in-app witch hunts that went on, so I'm not at all surprised that my number came up and I was at last the target of one. Oh well. Bound to happen.
  9. ANYWAY...
  10. Here follows a flowchart of why I blocked you:
  11. Did you write a list addressed to me (directly or indirectly) with the words "FUCK YOU" in the title?
    If YES, I blocked you. If NO, proceed to 12.
  12. Did you write a list that openly mocked me in a mean-spirited way?
    If YES, I blocked you. If NO, proceed to 13.
  13. Did you encourage people to find me at my house in real life?
    If YES, I blocked you. If NO, proceed to 14.
  14. Did you insult me, call me an awful name or slut-shame me?
    If YES, I blocked you. If NO, proceed to 15.
  15. Did you relist people doing any of the above or pile on encouraging or validating comments to anyone doing any of the above?
    If YES, I blocked you. If NO, proceed to 16.
  16. Did you validate or perpetuate incorrect conclusions about things I supposedly did or said without going to the source and reading what I actually said?
    If YES, I blocked you. If NO, proceed to 17.
  17. Did I block you for a reason not covered above?
    Believe me when I say I had a reason. But I don't owe you an explanation or an apology for why I blocked you.
  18. I concede that you have the right (within the bounds of this app's Terms of Service) to say awful things to me. But—if you do—I will block you.
  19. Listen: I don't block people lightly. But I also have a very full, real life and have no time nor desire to defend myself and dodge attacks from those who aren't interested in using reasoned arguments and critical-thinking skills.
  20. And—for Pete's sake—I didn't block anyone for posting a selfie or for liking selfies or for loving themselves or for loving their faces or their bodies. Go to my actual (unedited) lists. 🙄 Read my actual words.
  21. "Insufferably"
    I was using the OED definition "unbearably conceited"
  22. "Narcissistic"
    I was using the OED definition "extreme vanity"
  23. Everyone knows someone who is "unbearably narcissistic with extreme vanity." My pointing out that there are people in the world like this should not surprise or offend anyone.
  24. However, if you *do* disagree with me—or if you don't like the example I chose to make my point—fury and expletives ought not be your first response. Try questions. Try asking for clarification.
  25. If any of the people I blocked would have bothered to rationally question or probe or counter-argue me, they would have found their perspectives not only respected and honored but welcomed.
  26. Anyway, that's that. I'm sure everyone I blocked is great company in real life. I don't take issue with the PEOPLE. I take issue with their BEHAVIORS.
  27. If anyone I blocked would like to reach out, I'm at
  28. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. I'm off to watch the sun set over Long Island sound.