1. Because I didn't make them myself
    I like to think that every bullet point, every description, every image I use is "100% Chris."
  2. They are cheap
    That is, going and finding one takes no effort at all. On the other hand, finding just the right words is difficult. I choose the more challenging path.
  3. They don't require a reader to use her imagination
    They do the thinking for you. They do the imagining for you. They do the feeling for you.
  4. They are tacky
    This is 100 percent just my opinion. But I think they are often garish and gaudy. Like a television in the airport with the volume set to 10.
  5. They are cliché
    Everyone uses them. I prefer to stand out by making lists that don't "move."
  6. They are very of this time
    I prefer the written word, which is timeless. Or at least it has been for going on 4,000 years. Also, they usually include pop culture references that will be lost on future readers in no time at all.
  7. Little looping animations stress me out
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ they just do