1. Millions of little beacons, flashing away. Are they a warning? A guiding light? A dance party? NO ONE KNOWS
    Okay, probably some scientists know
  2. For some reason, they remind me of childhood
  3. When you see them, it means it's summer
  4. Bugs. That can make themselves iridescently glow. Fucking amazing.
  5. When you see them, it means it's almost nighttime
  6. They are easy to catch
  7. They are relaxing to watch
  8. I wonder: Why do they glow? Are they calling to each other? Lighting their way? Finding a mate?
    Shhhhh. I know I can google it. I choose to wonder.
  9. They remind me of the beauty and mystery of the Earth and nature and the universe
  10. They seem peaceful
  11. They bring me unadulterated joy
  12. They are delicious
  13. 🔥⚡️