Is this a kissing book?
  1. You are wistful about the idea of an adult you love reading you a fairy tale when you were a child
    Whether or not it ever actually happened to you
  2. You played this baseball video game, too
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  3. Andre the Giant is so improbably, delightfully adorable
  4. You are a sucker for the idea of True Love
    Or "To Blave"
  5. All the heroes have real-ish, human faults
    Inigo is a drunk and has low self-esteem. Wesley is too prideful and ambitious. Fezzig is too trusting. And none of them can self-actualize without each other.
  6. It turns cliche fairy tale tropes upside down
    Like the marriage scene. Or when the hero seems to be inexplicably killed partway through the movie. Or the King's reaction to Buttercup's soon-to-be-suicide. Or the albino's voice.
  7. It is a coming of age story for The Grandson
    In the beginning, he's a stereotypical boy. By the end, he has become a young man.
  8. The best, most technically-amazing, funniest sword fight ever filmed
  9. How perfectly Wesley wins vs. steel, strength and brains
  10. Brilliant casting
    Christopher Guest OMG
  11. How much it is about storytelling
    You keep getting pulled out of the fairy tale and back into the grandson's bedroom which makes you think about the art of a good story, about rereading, about remembering the "good parts."
  12. The Mark Knopfler score
  13. The stories within stories
    Inigo tells Wesley a story about his youth inside of the story the grandfather is telling to the grandson.
  14. The humor
    Fezzig's rhymes. Everything Wallace Shawn says. The R. O. U. Billy Crystal.
  15. Robin Wright
    For years, you dreamt about being her boyfriend. About fetching her that pitcher.
  16. Same with Cary Elwes
    Hot and dreamy.
  17. I will never doubt again
    There will never be a need