Siri why so prude?
  1. Peni😍
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  2. Vagin🔥
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  3. Fuc💋
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  4. Shi💩
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  5. Bastar😈
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  6. Assho👌👌
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  7. Tit😜
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  8. Boob😚
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  9. Pis😤
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  10. Coc😱
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  11. Bitc👩🏽
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    Bitcoins LOL
  12. Bollock👅
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  13. Blowjo🍆
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    Siri is clueless about what this might be
  14. Fellati🌽
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    Haha gelatin
  15. Cunnilingu😻
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    Siri doesn't have oral sex, apparently
  16. Dam😳
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    Is Siri a Puritan??