For lists, poems, short stories or whatever you like.
  1. Rewrite the movie CASTAWAY from the point-of-view of Wilson.
  2. Two characters—lovers, preferably—are stuck for several hours inside a plastic bag. Air is running out. The only reading material they have is the suffocation warnings written on the bag.
  3. A guy named Pat is throwing a surprise party for his best friend named Pat. And the best friend's Mom and Dad are also named Pat and every other guest is named Pat. And the narrator is named Pat and you are named Pat and we are all named Pat and, in the world of the story, the word for "party" is "pat."
  4. A mime who is never out of character is at a restaurant and starts to choke on a bite of food. He has maybe three minutes to convince the people around him that he is actually choking and not mime-choking and they should give him the Heimlich Maneuver before he asphyxiates and perishes.
  5. A scene where a bunch of kids are playing a game of hot potato and passing around a ball as the hot potato but the challenge is you can't use the words "kid(s)," "child/children," "hot," "potato," or "ball" and you can't use any prepositions either.
  6. A story about the dreams and thoughts Han Solo has during the whole time he is frozen in Carbonite.
  7. A story about Snuffleupagus in which he discovers that Big Bird and all the other Sesame Street characters are just figments of his imagination.
  8. A story about a girl who invents time travel and keeps going further and further back in time but told in reverse-chronological order.
  9. A speculative sci-fi novel that imagines what the world would be like today if they had brought back Steve Wozniak to save Apple instead of Steve Jobs.
  10. Rewrite the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead from the point of view of Yorick's skull.
  11. A story about what God was up to before He let there be light.