1. Search for something on Google
  2. Use Google Docs
  3. Post a picture on Instagram
  4. Pin something on Pinterest
  5. Post something on Facebook
  6. Tweet on Twitter
  7. Use any app that requires a connection to Facebook or Twitter like Tinder
  8. Use a "customer loyalty card" at any store
  9. Are asked for your email address or zip code when checking out at a store and you give them your info
  10. Play a "free" game on your phone like Words With Friends
  11. Are asked if you want a store to email you a receipt and you give them your email address
  12. Create a profile on LinkedIn
  13. Microblog on Tumblr
  14. You post a product review on amazon
  15. You post a restaurant or other review on Yelp!
  16. are killed by Sweeney Todd and turned into a pie then sold for $$
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  17. Pose for Playgirl.
    Suggested by @sippey