Not necessarily good or bad things about the person. Just what kind of eater/chef/foodie they are.
  1. How they store their knives
  2. How they store their spices
  3. How they store their pots and pans
  4. Whether there is a basket/bowl of fresh fruit
  5. How many aprons there are and whether or not a name is embroidered on them
  6. What is in the pantry/fridge
  7. Whether there is a wine rack/wine refrigerator
  8. What their cast iron looks like
  9. Whether the bottoms of their pots are clean
  10. How clean the floor is
  11. What kind of cooking equipment/gadgets are on the counter
  12. How they make coffee/tea
  13. The cookbooks they have
  14. Whether the stove is gas or electric
  15. Whether there are 4 burners or 6
  16. Whether the oven is over/under or not
  17. What kind of butter they have
  18. How much garlic is on hand
  19. What kind of cooking oils they use
  20. How sharp their knives are
  21. Whether there is a pastamaker
  22. Whether there is a meat grinder
  23. Whether there is a full-size, standalone freezer
  24. Whether there is meat or dairy or none of the above
  25. Whether there is seitan or tempeh on hand
  26. What the countertops are made of
  27. Whether they have that poster of all the different hot peppers. And whether it is framed or not.
  28. How spattered with food the cookbook pages are
  29. Whether they have both white and red wine glasses
  30. Whether there is a cooking blowtorch
  31. Whether you can see a potted herb garden through the window on the back deck
  32. What kind of salt they use and whether it is in a pinch pot
  33. Whether there are fresh breads in view
  34. What kind of cutting board they use
  35. Whether there is a sprinkler system and/or fire extinguisher mounted on the wall
  36. Whether or not there are wooden spoons near the stove and if so, how many
    Suggested by @StirAndStrain
  37. Whether there are dishes left in the sink.
    Suggested by @donnie