@Z just wrote a list called "Things That Are Depressing Me Lately" and this list is a response to that.
  1. Hey, @Z
  2. You matter to me, @Z
  3. I've never met you, @Z, and I don't know you, @Z
  4. But you matter to me, @Z
  5. You wrote in your list: "That literally nothing matters."
  6. And, really, you're right, @Z
  7. We are, each of us, the tiniest thing. The entire Earth and everyone that has ever lived on it amount to a pale blue dot, a mote of dust, suspended in a sunbeam.
  8. I've felt depressed before myself. I've been on Prozac, too. Back in college, when I was about to graduate and didn't know what I was going to do next, I even felt a little suicidal, @Z.
  9. Then I happened to read a book called Lost In the Cosmos by Walker Percy.
  10. It's a little dated nowadays, but it's still a great book. If you want to read it, I can lend you my copy.
  11. In it, he confirms what you've been (I think) feeling lately: that nothing really matters. You don't matter, I don't matter, the whole planet doesn't matter.
  12. He also tries to let the reader off the hook for feeling sad and depressed. The world *is* often sad and depressing.
  13. He says that it's perfectly normal to feel sad and depressed in a world as insane and confusing as ours is. His words: "Depression is a normal response to a deranged world."
  14. But the idea that "literally nothing matters" can be empowering, too, @Z.
  15. Because if that's true, if it doesn't matter if you have money or don't have money, get married or don't get married, go out for dinner or cook at home...
  16. then...
  17. Your options aren't limited, they are ENDLESS.
  18. You are free.
  19. You can kind of do whatever the fuck you want, @Z!
  20. You can lie on the beach and pick up any shell you like and look at it.
  21. You can go home and dance with the first person you see, or with yourself.
  22. You can open the front door, sit down on the front steps, and laugh, @Z.
  23. You have nothing to lose by making any choice you like and doing any goddam thing that strikes your fancy.
  24. And maybe time isn't a flat circle. Maybe, instead, it's a funhouse mirror of infinite possibility.
  25. You matter to me, @Z.