Please suggest your hopes and dreams. Here are mine:
  1. No characters like Jar Jar
  2. No cute characters at all
  3. A sarlacc, strong with the force, that climbs out of its hole and has a lightsaber battle
  4. A new kind of stormtrooper. Jungletrooper. Aquatrooper. Cavetrooper. Cheftrooper. Sextrooper.
  5. More cool yoda flipping/acrobatics. For the laughs.
  6. Lotsa Greedos
  7. A Sith with an amusing name. Like Darth Binky Boo.
  8. Any character with a normal name. Like Bob Johnson. Y-wing pilot Bob Johnson. Or Bob Fett.
  9. No sound in outer space
  10. Nothing at all resembling a Death Star
  11. Or if there is a Death Star, a Death Star with a different weakness
  12. No one riding lizards
  13. More Carbonite
  14. Harrison Ford in a metal bikini
  15. No George Lucas
  16. Z-wings