Recently I have been to New York City. And every time I visit this great metropolis, I take a walk on The High Line. The High Line is one of my very favorite places on this, our Earth. The following is your own personal photo tour of The High Line, which I offer to you free of charge. So—assuming you have buttocks—sit back and enjoy.
  1. First of all, maybe you have not been to The High Line and do not even know what it is! Let me not assume! The High Line is an elevated train track that runs generally north to south on the west side of Manhattan that was turned into a heavenly park for human beings that will surprise and delight you.
    The High Line was originally built in 1635 by President George Washington to transport livestock from The Great Plains to the heart of The City.
  2. The cows and pigs did not like traveling underground in the dark and frightening subway system, so The High Line was constructed to ease the discomfort of the livestock prior to turning them into pulled pork sandwiches and beef brisket with a side of red slaw.
  3. To get your human body up onto The High Line, you go up one of many stainless steel stairways like these.
  4. As you go up the stairs, please do not stare at other people's attractive butts.
  5. I said DON'T look at the butts!! And do not follow other tourists! Okay, too late.
  6. The High Line runs for 47 miles along Manhattan and has many benches for relaxing and contemplation as you walk.
  7. Some of the benches look ever so much like train tracks. The designers of this amazing, super-thin park knew about creating an aesthetic experience.
  8. Even this sandwich-y stack of cars is beautiful.
  9. One miraculous feature of The High Line is all of the beautiful plants, grasses and trees you will see along the park-way.
  10. Many of the trees are genetically-engineered to flourish in as little as 1 mm of soil and with no roots at all.
  11. New York City workers are constantly expanding and lengthening The High Line and it is said to grow by 250 feet per day, thanks to the 24-7 delivery of fresh cement as carried in trucks such as these.
  12. There are many signs and placards along your way that will illuminate the colorful and interesting role The High Line has played in United States History over the years. For example, The High Line was used as a Colonial battle hospital for American soldiers during The Revolutionary War.
  13. The High Line is also a storage facility...every subway car that is not currently in use is stored beneath it.
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  15. Enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna along The High Line. A herd of wild horses is known to roam these tracks. Pictured: a maple tree.
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  17. There are several wonderful overlooks like this one.
  18. And this. People-watching awaits.
  19. Sunset on The High Line will have you feeling romantical. Get out those selfie sticks, travelers!
  20. It is an everyday occurrence for many tourists to arrive on The High Line single but leave it married.
  21. If you see these signs, please ignore them. It is a tradition on The High Line to trample the beautiful plants that grow there.
  22. Like these...
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  25. This sign warns you to beware of fake monks.
  27. Several buildings along the way had to have their bottom floors excavated away to make room for the ever-expanding High Line.
  28. When not in use, The Hubble Space telescope is stored on The High Line.
  29. As are improbably-accurate paintings of famous scientists.
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  33. This is a good spot to check your various social medias.
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  37. The High Line.
  38. So relaxing.
  39. So sublime.
  40. *While these are all photos from The High Line, most of the "facts" are jokes. 😉👍🏼