Or the next day
  1. If you take public transportation, sit down next to a stranger who is reading a book and ask them how they like it
  2. If you go out to eat, tip double what you normally tip, regardless of how good or bad the service is
  3. Spend five minutes going in and out of a door somewhere just so you can keep holding the door open for people
  4. Empty that jar where you keep all your loose change into a bag or backpack and then go somewhere where there is always a street musician and listen to the street musician play for hours and hours and keep putting coins in all day long until you've put them all in
  5. Power off your iPhone and ask a friend or coworker to do the same thing and then go to a park and just talk with them about stuff
  6. Look at your to do list and decide that like 5 of the things on there are not important and not urgent and just cross them the fuck off
  7. Hand-write a letter and send it to me. I will write back: Chris Kubica. PO Box 1148. Carrboro, NC 27510. It doesn't matter if you fucking know me or not. LET'S CONNECT.
  8. Find a book that you love. Open it to your favorite section and read a few pages of it OUT LOUD to yourself. Or better still, read it out loud to a friend or relation you love.
  9. Get a notebook. Sit somewhere in the middle of where you live. Now make a list of 50 things you can hear. I promise you there are 50 if you listen for long enough. Post that list to @list and tag me. I desperately want to know about all the sounds in each of your worlds.
  10. Go into your closet or your attic or wherever you keep that box full of trinkets and memories and letters from old crushes and go through it. Hold each item in your hand until you fully remember why you've kept it all these years. BONUS: While doing all this remembering, try to think of someone who is linked to these memories that you've lost touch