1. Tom Cruise
    The guy has been great at choosing scripts so far this decade. Also, I believe he's worked with like the most a-list directors (Spielberg, Scorsese, PTA, Kubrick) sans maybe DiCaprio.
  2. Grace Kelly
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    I mean, come on now. The Kelly/Hitchcock pairing is quite fantastic imo
  3. Jesse Eisenberg
    People think he's douchey but I think he's just really good at portraying a sort of viciousness or whatever. He's also played two of my idols, Mark Zuckerberg and the blue bird from Rio.
  4. Jessica Chastain
    Definitely one of the better/best actresses working today.
  5. Michael Cera
    Hellll yea
  6. Benicio Del Toro
  7. Joaquin Phoenix