Paul Thomas Anderson is one of the finest American directors working today. It says a lot about his talent as a filmmaker that seemingly everyone has a different order when ranking his best films. Here are mine.
  1. Magnolia
    A while ago, PTA said that this was "for better or worse the best movie (he) would ever make." Recently he seems to have changed his mind. However, I think it is still the best movie he's ever made. Epic in just about every way. Equal parts heartbreaking as it is funny. Tom Cruise's best performance in any film as well.
  2. Inherent Vice
    Paul Thomas Anderson took a different direction with his latest film Inherent Vice, by adapting a Thomas Pynchon novel. He actually remained very faithful to the source material while also making it his own thing. Incredibly entertaining.
  3. There Will Be Blood
    Watch it if you haven't. On Netflix. Fantastic stuff.
  4. The Master
    Features two of the best performances I've seen ever from Joaquin Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
  5. Boogie Nights
    This could easily be exchanged with There Will Be Blood and The Master.
  6. Punch Drunk Love
    Best Adam Sandler movie for sure.
  7. Hard Eight