Careers I'd Pursue If Money Wasn't An Option

  1. I'd be Batman! Why the hell not, lots of cool gadgets, tons of gear and costumes...I mean tactical fighting fear suits. And sweet ass cars. Plus secret identities.
  2. I'd be the Green Arrow! It's kind of like Batman....sans cars and cool suit!
  3. I'd be Iron Man
    Ummm, duh. Billionaire playboy philanthropist with a flying suit of armor....literally! Suck on that major airlines!
  4. I'd be Archer. Well, I would be a good spy but drinks like Archer. And I would have a partner that was like Lana....
  5. I would lastly be the founder of starfleet! Cause damnit, we need to get on that path. A society where race or species doesn't matter, where material items are 2nd to exploration and really freaking cool space ships! Wil Wheaton not included.