We all have that "Phrase" or response to conversations that are just ingrained into out memory. It's a habit and you don't realize you do it....or you do and don't care. Here are some of mine.
  1. "Sure"
    It's the immediate response with absolute reassurance and broad ambiguity. I could me yes or no with the same word.
  2. "I'm good, how are you"
    I would give you my real answer but you don't want to hear it and I don't want the urge to bury myself in a bottle of scotch to tell you my tales!
  3. "Cool, sounds good"
    I am absolutely positively not paying attention to you.
  4. "Damn, I'm sorry I missed (insert event here)"
    See above phrase
  5. "We should hang out, get the kids together and catch up"
    I know you are too busy to do this but it gets my social obligation to continue friendship out of the way.
  6. "Nope"
    I'm telling you. 3 episodes of "Archer" and it is just ingrained into my reactionary cortex lobe! Usable in most situations!
  7. "Awesome"
    Really? I'm not in awe but I feel like a dick if I say "meh, it's ok" so you get "awesome" !
  8. "Fuck that!!"
    This works on so many levels!
  9. "It's been so good to see you"
    No.....not it has not
  10. "Son of a bitch"
    Look. I have nothing against your mother. I bet she is a wonderful lady. It just is a more accepted phrase to utter over some others. It was ok for the FCC in 1982 for E.T.
  11. "Logically" / "Actually"
    I'm grouping these up because they serve the same purpose. You have managed to absolutely annoy me and instead of telling you I'll "SEE U Next Thursday" I just start making up crap to irritate you. It's now become a game of chicken and I don't mind getting punched in the face.
  12. "Princess"
    I reserve this for the dudes who complain nonstop about everything.
  13. "I'm tired "
    I am not really tired, I just dont want to deal with crap and I know you don't want to hear about my problems.
  14. "I was away from my phone"
    Ha, yeah right! I just didn't want to answer.
  15. "What up home slice"
    Yes, I am aware I am way to white to pull this off, which is why I do it. Breaking down barriers.
  16. "Deadpool 2016"
    For those oh so fun $2 beer night at the local Fox N the Hound where some jackass thought now was a good time to bring up politics!