A few examples of possible fun things to do today.
  1. Stay in and lock your doors!
    Netflix and chill by yourself! This can lead to drama free and napping.
  2. Chase people with a mask on
    Call yourself a reenactment actor or a psychology student, either way, police will probably want to talk to you by 3 am.
  3. Be chased by someone in a mask
    You have a split second to run or fight. What's it gonna be? Are they a reenactment actor or having a bad Molly trip? You decide!!
  4. Drink responsibly....a lot of responsibly
    Nothing says "fuck superstitions" like pounding down a substance that will cause most of your problems for the night.
  5. Fight the power of the myatics
    Find as many superstitions you can attempt in one night. Chase black cats, walk under ladders, step on cracks, say bloody Mary in the mirror! Be brave!
  6. Do your best to not die