It's officially been a week since I arrived in Japan for my internship this summer, and I develop more questions everyday. More will be added as they present themselves.
  1. Why do y'all only have 2 speeds: dead sprint or snail-paced walk. Surely there should be a happy medium?
  2. I know that you begin learning English in middle school so how is it that NONE of you actually know how to speak it?
  3. So, is the handshake a hard no after doing the business card exchange/bowing ceremony, because that's led to too many awkward situations for my taste.
  4. Speaking of, how low are you looking for this bow to be? I'm really not into it, but receive upwards of 100 a day, and feel obliged to reciprocate with at least like a head nod.
  5. How awestruck do y'all continue to be by these bullet trains? I accidentally forgot to take off my ID badge one day and all of a sudden EVERYONE spoke English, and had questions.
  6. So Godzilla is still a big thing...?
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