Disclaimer: These aren't ALL from my own personal experience.
  1. If you get a cart at the liquor store.
  2. If you've ever replied to "Are you hungover?" With, "No, my liver just kind of hurts today."
  3. It doesn't matter the day of the week--you'll get texts about what bar you're at, because it's not a question of if you're at one but which one.
  4. If you've special ordered a case of a liquor that the local liquor WAREHOUSE doesn't carry and proceed to finish said case in the case of 4 months--alone.
  5. If you have a nickname that extends beyond your immediate group of friends that involves your affinity toward alcohol.
  6. Your mom calls on a Tuesday night and asks, "Will you remember this, or are you drunk," prior to telling you anything else.
  7. When autocorrect changes normal words to alcohol-related words
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