1. How casual should it be? Is this a "Hi..." or "Hey..." situation or just no salutation at all?
  2. "You've reached" or "This is"?
  3. Should I say Christopher or Chris? I go by the latter but I feel like Christopher says, "take me seriously because my name is 11 letters long," and I can get behind that.
  4. Do I take an apologetic tone for not answering their call? What if I'm not sorry I missed their call, and instead ignored the call because I don't want to talk to them?
  5. What kind of promises need to be made. Am I going to call them back? If yes, is that an ASAP sort of time frame, or more of an "at my earliest convenience."
  6. Do I really need them to give me their number? We do have caller ID nowadays.
  7. Should I specify I'm looking for a brief message, or do people know the drill by now? I'm not looking for a 3 minute long message though...
  8. What about a closing? Should I be looking at a thank you, or thanks; do I say bye? I'm not talking to anyone, but I don't want to leave the person leaving the message in limbo thinking my greeting isn't over because I didn't say bye.
  9. I think I'm just going to stick with the stock message.