People have really weird ideas about what New Mexico is & isn't and most are wrong. ***these are all real things I've been asked more than 5 times
  1. "So, are you Mexican?!"
    No, but it's neat that you assume my tan denotes my ethnicity though 👌
  2. "Do you speak Spanish?!"
    Yeah, this one may be more my inability to grasp languages, but even if it's solely me, we aren't at 100%.
  3. "Why don't you sound like you're from New Mexico?!"
    I'm not 100% sure what I should sound like to fit this stereotype, but also to clear this one up: I've said y'all since grade school, instead of a "I got to school in the south so I'm going to pretend that y'all rolls off my tongue" sort of thing.
  4. "Isn't it ugly to just live in the desert with all the sand and cactus?!"
    I live ~1.5 miles above sea level in the mountains, so I'll let you figure this one out.
  5. "Oh, but it's still really hot, right?!"
    Also a no. I've never felt closer to death than when Nashville is 80 degrees with 80% humidity.
  6. "Do you live in Albuquerque or Santa Fe?!"
    I know it's shocking but the 5th largest state does have more than the two cities you've heard of.
  7. "Wait...if I come to visit you, do I need a passport?!"