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Here they are. What are yours?
  1. 🙃
  2. 🕵
    Inspector gadget
  3. 🌫
    Fractal noise
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There are so many to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites.
  1. Chef Ron Ben-Israel (cold)
  2. Chef Ron Ben-Israel (pirate upgrade)
  3. Its'a me, Chef Ron Ben-Israel (pictured right)
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Have you seen it?
  1. Hi, now that I have you here, I seem to have misplaced my sandwich.
  2. It's about this big. Seen anything laying around?
  3. No? Hmm.
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A ranking of the trailers for the popular film franchise "Air Bud" featuring Buddy the sports dog and his fucking grotesque talking children
  1. Air Bud - A
    Buddy "the Air Bud" attempts to murder a clown and is abandoned in the wilderness. The basketball boy finds Buddy and discovers he has the gift of sports. Buddy becomes a famous basketball star, but the clown he tried to murder returns and seeks revenge. Trailer highlights: tiny dog sneakers, the jock jam "Get Ready For This" aka "Buddy's theme" plays loudly over every shot, and the clown drowns in a lake trapped inside his truck (spoiler!)
  2. Air Bud: Golden Receiver - B
    Buddy aka "the clown murderer" is released from prison with one exception, that he never play basketball again. That's fine with the Air Bud, because he also kicks ass at football, so he does that instead. Trailer highlights: dog puns in every single sentence, "Get Ready For This" aka "Buddy's Theme" returns, Chumbawumba makes an appearance, and two old men passionately make out on screen for 17 uninterrupted minutes (controversial in 1998!)
  3. Air Bud: World Pup - C-
    Buddy is recruited onto the US woman's soccer team when their goalie is injured and the absolute only option is to replace her with a dog. Buddy's horrifying dog children (who at this point do not speak English) watch on TV as Buddy attempts to block a goal. Highlights: flashback to the 2 previous Bud films, Buddy wears sunglasses for the first time, "Get Ready For This" does NOT play over the entire trailer (fans very upset about this departure from the original score)
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  1. All Star Remixs
  2. The Goosebumps Theme
  3. Monster Mash
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  1. Capybara
  2. Capybara
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