The Emmy winning French take on zombies I can't get enough of!
  1. The cinematography is so beautiful
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    Establishing shots of France alone are breathtaking!
  2. The character are so well developed
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    Do I know you already or something?
  3. The dialog doesn't overpower the story
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    I don't mind subtitles but the actors actually act, instead of saying everything.
  4. The opening credits
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    The shots are beautiful and subtly descriptive of the story all while an uplifting but sober song plays.
  5. The actors are amazing
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    The girls who play twins are awesome. The creepy kid is especially my favorite!
  6. A creepy little kid
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    You gotta have at least one. But he doesn't meow like a cat so it's okay.
  7. The eerie music
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    It's almost happy, but not, and with a heartbeat.
  8. It's a very realistic thriller
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    A lot changes after someone in your family dies and this show does a great job addressing that.
  9. Zombie! Duh!
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    They don't look dead, feel dead, and don't even know they are dead. Creepy and full of twists.
  10. It's on Netflix right now!
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    And season 2 begins on Halloween.! So excited!