If someone stayed here and left a Yelp review, this is what they might say.
  1. "All they had to eat was garlic and Nutella"
  2. "Netflix kept suggesting Barefoot Contessa to me"
  3. "There was plenty of wine & coffee"
  4. "I kept finding dirty socks in the living room"
  5. "I kept getting yelled at for leaving the door open, something about the bugs"
  6. "There was no cold water to drink"
  7. "I'm pretty sure the Armenian mob owns this building"
  8. "I think the cat's been dead for a very very long time"
    Suggested by @Sammyjbv
  9. "... And stop with the snapchat!"
    Suggested by @Sammyjbv
  10. "Some guy kept asking me Star Wars trivia questions"
    Suggested by @Sammyjbv
  11. "You can't watch the Backstreet Boys documentary without someone trying to harmonize"
    Suggested by @Jordan_Elizabeth
  12. "The brunette roommate seems really cool"
    Suggested by @Jordan_Elizabeth
  13. "They don't function well in the morning"
    Suggested by @Jordan_Elizabeth