1. Good Times at Davey Wayne's
    Garage sale, 70's themed, great live music, and boozey snow cones out of a porno filled camper. Perfection.
  2. Frank & Hank's
    The dive bar of dive bars in Korea-town. Run by an older Vietnamese woman named Snow, it's carpeted and about the size of a hallway. Jukebox and pool.
  3. Harvard & Stone
    Whiskey bar in Thai town with dim lighting and a fantastic cocktail list. Best part is that they play 50's pop music late at night. Done by the same sexy twins who did Good Times.
  4. Kruang Tedd
    Okay so this isn't really a bar, but it has a few bar seats, with a fish tank. It's a small Thai place next to a Hollywood hot spot, Jumbo's Clown Room. $2 beer from 1-9pm everyday. Best part about it is the elders there sing karaoke every night in Thai! Awesome! Keep Jumbo's, I'll detour internationally and take Kruang Tedd.
  5. The Varnish
    This is a 1920's style speakeasy in the back of Cole's, the French dip restaurant downtown. Ended up through the martini etched door looking for the bathroom here. Great cocktails and a guy playing 20's piano music. A trip back in time for sure.
  6. The Library @ The Roosevelt Hotel
    This is one of many bars inside The Roosevelt Hotel and probably the least stand out, but my favorite here. There is no list, only questions from the bartenders about your desired cocktail (sweet, spicy, vodka, whiskey.) They then create a personalized concoction to fit just you. Strong and tasty, totally worth the extra cost. Hey, it is Hollywood.