I want to finish 2015 off with a bang, so I'm very realistically setting goals for now.
  1. Run. Once.
    I hate running and I'm overly self conscious of doing it, especially in model driven LA. But I'm going to do it. At least once.
  2. Do stand up at an open mic
    They all say you suck your first time, but if I don't do it, then I already fail.
  3. Remain Unafraid of terrorism
    This is kindof a new idea for me but with LA schools being closed due to bomb threats and the shootings in San Bernadino, I find myself slightly scared. I know this is what they want, and I will push myself everyday to live my life unafraid. I'm not staying inside.
  4. Be kind to strangers
    When a stranger says something nice to me, it makes my day. My now resolution is to make someone else's day.
  5. Keep writing
    I want to write a book and I know that takes time. I have a great momentum going and I want to keep it that way.