Wtf happened here
  1. Attention grabbed.
  2. Of course she works at Hooter's
  3. Why do strippers love Florida
  4. Jarrett is such a weird name
  5. How much do you expect to make stripping in Florida?
  6. I am learning some great new stripper lingo
  7. Why do I feel like Z looks like someone between Seal and Samuel L. Jackson
  8. Zola just became the lady pimp. Damn.
  9. I can't look away. What happens next?
  10. Why is Jarrett so suicidal?
  11. Okay some parts of this are pretty demeaning. Entertaining, but kindof gross.
  12. A weekend of prostitution sounds exhausting.
  13. Jarrett jumped! What the hell!
  14. Duh! Of course Z is wanted. Not so surprised by this ending.
  15. I feel like I need to read some poetry or something now.