1. Taking off my makeup at night
    and moisturizing with stuff that says "anti-wrinkle"
  2. Reading the news, even the political stuff
    Politics reminds me of watching a telenovela. A real juicy one.
  3. Decorating with pine cones
    The cinnamon scented kind. Call me Martha friggen Stewart.
  4. Clarifying butter
    Well I googled it. Maybe I'll try it one day.
  5. Going to bed early
    Well midnight. That's early right?
  6. Exercising
    Or just doing yoga like once a week.
  7. Cooking with wine
    Pour for me, pour for my homies, and pour for the shrimp scampi.
  8. Dusting the shelves
    Yeah, I don't actually do this.
  9. drinking black coffee
    Suggested by   @jessacosta
  10. Pretending to enjoy seltzer
    Suggested by   @mattdardano