In pictures. And happiness and stuff.
  1. My super relaxing room at Hotel Vintage
  2. Sazeracs and good conversations at Pepe Le Moko
  3. This heart over the water
  4. This bridge
  5. A whiskey library
  6. The beautiful Chinese gardens
  7. The really beautiful Chinese gardens
  8. This sea otter
  9. Nature
  10. Getting my signature cocktail
  11. This cheetah that kept circling me at the zoo before attacking the glass
  12. And all the other animals that thought I was a demon apparently
  13. The water
  14. The water
  15. Goat cheese panna cotta at Paley's Place
  16. Their cute sign
  17. And plenty of port wine
  18. A great present
  19. And not having to share the space on Alaskan