The Walking Dead would never
  1. We didn't see him die
    We only saw his face crying, but he didn't look like he was in the horrific pain he should've been in.
  2. He didn't have any real words of wisdom
    All the major characters and even some of the minor have had some meaningful words. What's Betsy's husband's name anyways?
  3. He's the only Asian-American on the show
    He's representing strong. You can't let him go.
  4. They don't need to follow the graphic novel that close
    Who cares that his fate was written already. We need him on the show!!
  5. Maggie is gonna lose it
    She is too cool and been through too much to have her whole family die and now her husband. No no.
  6. He's been in worse situations
    He's almost died so many times. He can't go out hanging out with lame ass Nicholas!
  7. He is one of the hottest characters
    Don't kill the eye candy who can kick some serious zombie ass!
  8. If Glenn dies we riot!
    He's a fan favorite!