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  1. A relaxing game of chess
    Over a warming coffee and cake at the Hoxton (Holborn)
  2. Puzzle time mindfulness
    Grab a friend and catch up over a 1000 piece puzzle. Set a timer to 3-4hours and attempt to beat the clock!
  3. A drizzley run along Southbank
    Refreshing run in the rain from Waterloo bridge to Tower Bridge and back (with the bonus of less crowds and tourists!). Grab lunch from the Southbank weekend food market on your way back
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My go-to faves in the city after 14 years of discovery and counting... (places listed as they sprung to mind, not in any particular order)
  1. DISHOOM (in particular King's Cross branch) (Indian)
    Have the: Fried Okra starter, Chicken Ruby curry, Lamb Biriyani, Bowl of Greens side, Cheese Naan
  2. CAFE TPT (Chinese/Taiwanese)
    Have the: Fried Squid with Chilli, Garlic and Salt Honey Lemon Chicken Chinese Brocolli in garlic sauce
  3. BAO (Taiwanese)
    Have the: Daikon Bao Original Pork Bao Sweet potato fries Deep fried chicken Beef Cheeks
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