My go-to faves in the city after 14 years of discovery and counting... (places listed as they sprung to mind, not in any particular order)
  1. DISHOOM (in particular King's Cross branch) (Indian)
    Have the: Fried Okra starter, Chicken Ruby curry, Lamb Biriyani, Bowl of Greens side, Cheese Naan
  2. CAFE TPT (Chinese/Taiwanese)
    Have the: Fried Squid with Chilli, Garlic and Salt Honey Lemon Chicken Chinese Brocolli in garlic sauce
  3. BAO (Taiwanese)
    Have the: Daikon Bao Original Pork Bao Sweet potato fries Deep fried chicken Beef Cheeks
  4. TARO (Japanese)
    Have the: Beef Teriyaki Don
  5. FRANCO MANCA (Pizza)
    Have the: Number 2 pizza with added Wild Brocolli and added Aubergine
  6. SHUANG SHUANG (Oriental Conveyor Belt Hotpot)
    Have the: Set Menu for £9.30 and choose Black Bird soup Hot and Spicy sauce (mix some of this with the soup in your eating bowl, for the rest of the sauce add the garlic, sesame and spring onions garnishes into it ready for dipping food in) Pick your noodles and 3 green bowls
  7. GOLDEN PHOENIX (Dimsum)
  8. GERALD'S CORNER (Dimsum)
  9. Noodle Bar (Name unknown - it's the small shop opposite Leicester Square tube Covent Garden side exit, next to Cafe Nero and Pret)
    Ignore the generic pre-cooked foods on display and order the freshly handpulled la mien noodle soup. Choose your noodle thickness and meat - I prefer regular noodles + Roast duck
  10. FIVE GUYS (Burger)
    Burger with Bacon Fries Milkshake - chocolate, peanut, oreos
  11. PATTY & BUN (Burger - James Street branch)
    Jose Jose burger Fries BBQ Wings Dip in lots of ketchup and their house Chilli Sauce
  12. ASSA (Korean)
    Kimchi Seafood Pancake Sweet Potato stir-fried noodles Kimchi noodle broth
  13. THE LATCHMERE (Sunday Roast)
    Roast Beef and trimmings
  14. HAWKSMOOR (Steak + Sunday Roast)
    Decadent Roast beeg Mac and cheese side Sticky Toffee Pudding
  15. FLAT IRON (Steak)
    Steam Fries Baked Aubergine and Cheese
  16. PASTA BROWN (Italian)
    Spinach and Bacon Penne with cheese
  17. BIJU (Bubble Tea)
    Peach Iced Tea (with Green Tea as standard, or Earl Grey) + tapioca + lychee jelly
  18. GUJARATI RASOI (Indian in Borough or Broadway Market)
    Mixed curry box (Dahl, Cauliflower curry, Garlic Potatoes) Best Samosas
  19. DIYABAKIR (Turkish)
    Mixed meat platter
  20. MOOBOO (Bubble Tea)
    Lychee Black Tea + tapioca
    Berry Chocolate Dreamcake
  22. OZONE (Coffee)
    Mocha Mint Hot Chocolate
    Flat White Green Tea
  24. TIMBERYARD (Coffee)
    Flat White Jasmine Green Tea
  25. PEYTON & BRYNE (Bakery) Pork Sausage Roll
  26. LILI VANILLI (Bakery)
    Pork Sausage Roll
  27. VENCHI (Icecream)
    Coffee, Pistachio, Lemon Sorbet, Dark Choc
  28. SNOWFLAKE (Icecream)
    Always changing flavours
  29. BEN'S COOKIES (Cookies)
    Dark chocolate Cranberry and white chocolate
    Strawberry Cream Cronut Zebra Cronut Nutella Cronut Banoffee Donut Creme Brulee Donut Strawberry Cheesecake Donut
  31. St John's Bakery (Bakery)
    Any of their sugar-coated donuts
  32. Bread Ahead (Bakery)
    Any of their sugar-coated donuts
  33. Monmouth (Coffee)
    Brownie (made by artisan Bakery Little Bread Peddlar)
  34. BATCH BROWNIE (Brownie - market stall)
    Have with hot fudge sauce
  35. Padella (Pasta)
    Have the burrata and marinated spinach starters Have the pics cacao e pipe and the Tagliarini brown shrimp and courgette pasta dishes
  36. SOM SAA (Thai)
    Crispy pigtails starters are a must, as are the brisket buns (go for a small one each) and beef rib. Don't miss the Sticky Toffee dessert to finish!
  38. Barrafina (Spainish Tapas)
    Favourite restaurant in all of London, for top quality food and unbeatable service. Have the croquettes, iberico ribs, seafood paella, chicken wings and suckling pig. Flan for dessert or the superb Mixed Berry 'salad' for dessert if you're lucky enough to catch it as a special (it's not a salad at all, but a flakey pastry, creamy berry layered dessert bursting with flavour and sunshine