Photos of me working in the food industry...

I figured if I was going to have a profile on here dedicated to food, I should show some of my background.
  1. This was at the first restaurant that served a menu entirely if my own creation. Could not have done it without these guys.
  2. I won a soup cook off once with a butternut squash soup with crispy beet garnish. Sweet cutting board "trophy"
  3. Me (right) and my younger bro (left) after cooking a four course meal for a dinner party.
  4. Cut this out of a sweet panoramic shot. Me thinking I'm a badass haha.
  5. My favorite job ever. What is better for moral than fake food ink before service!?
  6. Great photo thanks to a customer at my burger joint.
  7. I'm an assistant manager these days...I miss the chef coat, but needed to round out the career so I can own my own some day.