Stoned Oscars 2016 - Best Supporting Actress

  1. 5.
    Rebel Wilson - PITCH PERFECT 2
    Rebel Wilson, arguably one of the funniest actresses alive right now, with her romantic interest being Adam Devine. That's a magic formula right there. From the moment she flashes Obama, to her insane rendition of "We Belong" near the end, Wilson was a pleasure to watch in this one.
  2. 4.
    Maya Rudolph - SISTERS
    She was hilaaaawrious in this movie. (You won't get that joke unless you've seen it 😞. Rudolph is one of the most underrated comedy actresses around today, and steals this movie from the second she shows up.
  3. 3.
    Jada Pinkett Smith - MAGIC MIKE XXL
    Who the fuck knew that she was this cool? Well she's married to Will Smith so I guess she has to be... But WOW. One of the best roles of her career to date, and so much fun to watch when you're stoned.
  4. 2.
    Alicia Vikander - EX MACHINA
    This one is not funny like the other ones, but this thriller was so fucked up that it ended up being one of the best movies to watch stoned of the year. Vikander manages to bring the perfect amount of humanity to her robot character that is just beginning to discover herself.
  5. 1.
    Charlize Theron - MAD MAX
    Well it's unclear if this was a supporting role or not, Theron put out the most badass performance of the year in this movie. If you saw this movie sober, it is definitely worth watching again stoned. Theron is a beast.