1. 21-25
    Last 2 years of college plus first few years of adulthood. Nothing like it.
  2. 16-20
    Feeling freedom for the first time. Feel invincible, make great friends. If it wasn't for some awkwardness and self consciousness, this would be first.
  3. 5-10
    A lot of fun, but the stark realization that you're enslaved from 8-3 for most days for the rest of your life, some social anxiety begins
  4. 26-30
    Still young and in fun stage, but have to accept real adulthood and fleeting youth. Have more money, but responsibility starts overriding freedom
  5. 31-35
    Self confidence and assurance at all time high, finally over social anxiety of youth, but also youth is very close to being done. Lotta responsibility with less freedom and fun. Sleeping and eating are what you look forward to, but even they are at a premium
  6. 11-15
    So much awkwardness and social anxiety, realization that life as you get older gets harder, but lotta fun and new experiences too
  7. 1-5
    So much joy and angst. That much crying has to be the worst phase of life.