As a note, they all suck as an adult
  1. Christmas
    A whole season of cheer. Everyone celebrates and gets together, work takes a back seat for 2 weeks. The Best.
  2. 4th of July
    America. Great festivities, everyone celebrates. Fun traditions, day off work. Multiple celebrations
  3. Thanksgiving
    Several days off work, universally celebrated, but one day, overrated traditions and meal.
  4. Halloween
    Fun season/decor. Cool traditions. Costumes. Scary movies.
  5. Birthday
    Everyone celebrates you, but one and done, disappointment of getting older and no one caring like they should
  6. Memorial Day
    Excuse to celebrate an entire weekend, day off work, marks beginning of summer, but nothing more. Better than labor day.
  7. Labor Day
    Excuse to celebrate an entire weekend, day off work, but nothing more
  8. New Year's Day
    Good college football, day off work, final day of Christmas season
  9. New Year's Eve
    Good college football, half day off work, reason to get together, not great for parents
  10. St Patrick's Day
    Fun parties, green beer, signifies start of spring + March Madness. But only one day, no time off work
  11. Easter
    Basically worthless, no real celebration. But a day off work
  12. Valentine's Day
    Excuse to go on a nice date, otherwise worthless