Possibly the greatest sports year in my lifetime
  1. Cubs winning the world series
    Curse broken after 108 years
  2. Leicester City wins EPL title
    Probably the greatest underdog story in sports history
  3. Cavs winning the NBA title
    Another curse broken. LeBron cements legacy, overcomes 3-1 deficit to the best team in NBA history
  4. Golden State wins 73
    The 96 Bulls 72 win season was considered untouchable. 73-8 is a testament to greatness more than any titles
  5. Usain Bolt wins another sprint sweep
    9 gold medals in 9 tries in the most competitive event in Olympics
  6. Michael Phelps swan song
    Piling on more medals to the most decorated Olympian ever + personal redemption story
  7. Djokovic complete Djoker-slam
    Amazing feat and puts him in conversation for GOAT
  8. Katie Ledecky owns women's swimming
    One of the best individual Olympic performances ever. Did more than win, blew everyone else out of the water.
  9. Simone Biles and Aly Raisman dominate gymnastics
    Biles with greatest individual performance maybe ever, and Aly not far behind to cement America's dominant win
  10. Villanova wins NCAA title
    Game winning 3 at buzzer following UNC 3 to tie in one of best CBB games ever
  11. Conor McGregor wins 2 titles
    Knockout of Alvarez put the stamp on an amazing year
  12. Kobe's last game
    60 points in the final game of a top 10 player ever
  13. Alabama wins NCAA football championship
    Beat Clemson in a great game giving the Tide their 4th title in 7 years and establishing them as one of the great CFB dynasties.
  14. Golden State/OKC WCF series
    Great story lines, Great individual performances, Great drama. Best non-finals series ever
  15. Mo Farrah wins the 5000/10000 double again
    2nd man to ever accomplish this