1. Friends and Family become a priority
    The holiday season gives everyone an excuse to come together and feel close
  2. Cheerful People
    No other time of the year are people as happy and friendly. It's refreshing.
  3. Work Takes a Backseat
    Seriously, not a lot goes on in most offices from Thanksgiving thru new year's. Half the people are out and the other half just hang out a lot of the time. Plus pot luck's, parties, white elephants etc.
  4. The Music
    Only time of the year this type of music flies and it's fantastic
  5. Kids
    Nothing like the pure joy of anticipation of Santa and presents in a kid
  6. Traditions
    Encompasses several others, but can also be quirky and personalized. Downtown, it's a wonderful life, smoky basements, whatever it is it becomes great
  7. Gifts
    Fun to give and receive. This is dependent on who you're doing it with.
  8. Lights
    Nothing like driving around and seeing fun lights everywhere, not to mention cities/festivals etc that are done professionally and are amazing
  9. Decorations
    Trees, Wreaths, Stockings, hideous Knick knacks... All good
  10. Festivals
    Such a fun atmosphere. Only fourth of July rivals it.
  11. Movies
    That Great movies you watch once a year that elicit lots of memories
  12. Food and Drink
    Totally acceptable to eat horribly for a month. It's fantastic. Plus egg nog
  13. Parties
    Cuz why not
  14. Cocktails by fire
    It's cold, people are together, Xmas music is on... Just the perfect setting
  15. TV Shows' Christmas Episodes
    This was way better years ago when shows were more family oriented, but still good