1. Trump is great
  2. Pro choice is only a women's rights issue
  3. We need a universal income/high minimum wage
  4. Socialism is a tenable economic system
  5. Home schooling is good for kids
  6. Vaccinations are dangerous
  7. Gender isn't binary
  8. Transgender is normal
  9. If you don't agree with my definition of norm you're phobic
  10. Murder isn't wrong without God (making rounds on Prager)
  11. Safe space trumps free speech
  12. Cultural appropriation is a problem
  13. Black lives matter is beneficial
  14. Islam is peaceful and we should ignore data that says otherwise
  15. Islam is peaceful and we should ignore data that says otherwise
  16. Men and women are no different/gender is a social construct
  17. White guilt is necessary
  18. America is a white nation
  19. Immigration is bad for America
  20. Immigration laws are racist (there's a middle ground people)
  21. Democrats are bad and always wrong
  22. Republicans are bad and always wrong
  23. On base percentage is overrated
  24. All war is bad
  25. All war is just
  26. The Earth is flat
  27. The Earth is <10,000 years old
  28. Gay marriage should be illegal
  29. Homosexuality is evil
  30. All races are the same
  31. Rudeness is okay if you think you're right
  32. Modern medicine is bad
  33. Technology is bad
  34. Billionaires are bad
  35. Having stereotypes is bad (in a vacuum)