In honor of "Star Wars Day"
  1. Star Wars
  2. The Kardashians
    Just Why
  3. The Hate for Nickelback
    Soooo many worse bands
  4. In and Out Burger
    I'll take McDonald's
  5. Oversized sunglasses
    You look stupid
  6. Empire waist clothing
    You look fat
  7. Flip flops being uncool
    Seriously, my favorite clothing item
  8. Bon Iver
    Worse then Nickelback
  9. Ryan Seacrest
  10. San Francisco
    Cold, no downtown, stupid, expensive
  11. Two Broke Girls
    Who watches this ?!?
  12. Black humor
    I'm looking at you Tyler Perry
  13. Rosa Parks
    Symbolism is great, but come on...
  14. Mary
    Looking at you Catholics
  15. John Lennon
    Guy was a commie a-hole, stop worshipping him. So this is Christmas is real good though
  16. Fancy bathrooms
    Just give me a clean toilet
  17. iPhones
    Can't stand Apple Sheeple
  18. Yellow Starbursts
    Why do they make these?!?
  19. Real Philly Cheese steaks
    Velveeta and onions... Good work Philly
  20. The Royal Family
    Don't care. At all.
  21. The Bachelor
  22. Beyoncé
    Her singing voice isn't great
    Suggested by @tgatty
  23. Colorado
    It's cold and snowy in the summer. Why pay a premium to live there?
    Suggested by @tgatty
  24. Concerts
    Pay $100+ to stand and watch someone sing for a couple hours who usually starts 2 hours late
    Suggested by @tgatty
  25. Binge watching a show
    How do you not feel like you're wasting your life when doing this?
    Suggested by @tgatty
  26. James Bond movies
    Suggested by @tgatty